Here comes the bride

The Genetti Hotel, a place where many brides and grooms hold their wedding reception and even say “I do,” will bring a new twist to the typical wedding ceremony this week.

On Saturday, Valentine’s Day weekend, the Genetti will hold a group wedding ceremony for up to 50 lucky couples looking to get married for free and without going through months of planning.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming enough, until the bills start piling up. The Genetti hopes to provide a stress-free, low-cost option for those looking to get married.

“Many people are going to the courthouse to get married and we thought it would be a great idea to give these brides a unique opportunity for an elegant ceremony,” said Casey Packer, Genetti Hotel employee.

The ceremony may not be a traditional one, but the Genetti will provide a way for the couples not to have to sacrifice all of the wedding-day traditions that they might want to take part in. The bride will receive a flower and the groom will receive a corsage and the couples will have a chance to sign up for a reception, which will follow the ceremony.

“The reception will include all aspects of a traditional reception,” Packer said. “Such as champagne toast, hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails, dinner, wedding cake, photographers, DJ, cake cutting and more.”

All couples involved had to provide the Genetti with a marriage licence at least seven days prior to the event to be able to participate in the group wedding in which all couples will be wed in unison.

“Ken Weiss will write the ceremony and perform it at the same time for all couples,” said Packer.

Weiss will perform the ceremony at 3 p.m. in the grand ballroom for the couples. Family members also are invited to view the ceremony to help commemorate the celebration of their loved ones.

Packer hopes the event will be a success and said the Genetti hopes to hold the event every year.

For more information about the Genetti or for questions about the event, call 570-326-6600.