State police deputy commissioner unveils new brand of crime novel

Retired Lieutenant Col. Jon D. Kurtz, of the state police, recently published his first work in a series of “pragmatic police novels.”

Released on Dec. 22, 2013, “A Choice of Darkness” is available at in digital and print format.

Set on the streets of Harrisburg, the novel chronicles the evolution of a budding serial killer and the tribulations of the men and women tasked with bringing him to justice.

The book jacket reads: “Darkness is his refuge, death his companion and mentor. In his classroom on the streets of Harrisburg, he seeks answers to questions formed in a mind damaged by nature and a traumatic childhood. The only hope of stopping this burgeoning serial killer rests with the newly created Major Crimes Task Force. A diverse group of seasoned investigators, each possesses not only a stellar reputation and unique skills, but also the physical and psychological scars from years of battling criminals, comforting victims, and living life. Enter the darkness where the choices made by killers and cops lead to consequences affecting life, death and, sometimes, matters far more profound.”

Born and raised in Lycoming County, Kurtz was stationed at Troop F, Montoursville, from 1984 to 1993.

Promoted to lieutenant and assigned as the criminal investigation section commander at Troop H, Harrisburg, he has lived for the past 21 years in the Harrisburg area, where he progressed through the ranks before finishing his career as deputy commissioner in 2011.

He is now retired and continues to write fiction.