BVRT to hold public meeting

LEWISBURG – The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail Committee will hold a meeting regarding the rail trail from 7 to 8:30 p.m. March 17, in the Community Room at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Discussion will cover the scope of the Phase II grant, which includes components in Lewisburg Borough, East Buffalo Township and Buffalo Township. In the Borough, the project consists of completing design and construction of a trail segment in the vicinity of Danny Green Field and the northern portion of Hufnagle Park. The site runs along the railroad right of way from Eighth to Fifth Streets, with an extension adjacent to the North Shore railroad line south to Market Street. The grant also includes several components in East Buffalo Township as well as design and construction of a new trailhead at Vicksburg in Buffalo Township.

In addition, Bucknell University management innovation and design students who are working on a complementary speculative park design project for the area – between the existing municipal parking lots and the new trail segment in the borough – will be present and interested in getting input from the community for the project.

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) is a project of the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority (BVRA, formerly LARA). BVRA has been working to extend the trail into Lewisburg Borough, in cooperation with Union County, Lewisburg Borough, East Buffalo Township officials and their working committees.

The grant project follows on last year’s work, which completed preliminary engineering for the part of the project which is now moving toward construction in the next year or two, conceptual design for St. John Street and the railroad bridge, neither of which are included in the current project, and conceptual design of the Route 15 crossing, that will eventually move to preliminary engineering during the current project though on a more extended timeline. The current project funding combines state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant funds and state Department of Transportation-administered Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funds.

For the Final Engineering Design project running from Eighth to Fifth streets and down to Market Street, the engineering design team from Larson Design Group is working with previously gathered input, designs, and data and collaborating with the Rail Trail Design subcommittee.

Community members interested in participating on the subcommittee are welcome. For more information, contact Katie Davis, BVRA executive director, at 570-524-4774 or director@