Cat Tales

Snowball’s mother abandoned her. She was found crying under a board, cold and hungry on an October morning in 2004.

She appeared to be one day old, white fluff on pink skin, with a black umbilical cord attached to her belly.

She was given a bottle every few hours for several weeks. Snowball always liked to eat; I think she felt insecure because her mother did not feed her.

Snowball grew up to be beautiful, with long white fur.

She lived with a large black cat named Spunky, who looked after her and was her friend for her entire life. She was deaf and Spunky protected her.

During the winter, to keep warm, Snowball and Spunky would nudge under the covers at night to sleep with me.

During the summer, Snowball would lay on my chest on the recliner, and curl in a little ball in his elbow.

She would sometimes get inside my jacket, with her beautiful little face looking out. Snowball enjoyed going for rides in the car. She liked to look out the windows while riding down the road.

One day she was tied outside on a leash to get fresh air and sunshine. A black, longhaired male cat named Jimmy visited her. Suddenly, Snowball disappeared into the forsythia bush with Jimmy. He had helped her escape her harness.

Snowball came back home the next day looking very happy.

A few months later, she gave birth to three white kittens, all long-haired and all solid white. All of them were boys and all three could hear. They are now four years old and still live together and play together. Their names are Hot Shot, Angel and Green.

Snowball got sick in January and left us on Feb. 18.

She is now in “Cat Heaven,” where she is perfect and can hear us praying for her happiness in the afterlife.

Story and photo submitted by Sun-Gazette reader Russell Gordner, of Turbotville.