Jersey Shore Public Library reflects on 2013

The Jersey Shore Public Library had a successful year in 2013.

The library circulated more than 61,000 items, provided 115 special programs for all ages, presented a successful summer reading program and participated in numerous community events.

The library Board of Trustees is thankful for local support received from the Lycoming County Commissioners, Veterans of Foreign War Post Billy O. Brandt, the Lions Club, Jersey Shore Moose, the Business and Professional Women of Jersey Shore, Friends of the Library, The West Company Foundation, the Marguerite Carl Smith Foundation and local businesses and individuals that provided funding, services and volunteer efforts.

The Library recently has replaced the oil furnace with a more efficient gas furnace, installed an outdoor DVD receptacle and received grant funds to complete one section of the “green” parking area.

Most recently, a book sale was held in order to raise funds to replace books and to help make programs of the library successful.

Donations to the Jersey Shore Public Library are accepted at any time throughout the year.