Local woman celebrates 100th birthday with family and friends

Kathryn Burrows celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at a surprise party at Sycamore Manor.

Born March 10, 1914, in Elimsport, Miriam Cathrine McNeil was the oldest of four children. She later changed her name to Kathryn. She was married to Donald Burrows for 43 years, and together they had three daughters. The family later moved to Muncy. Burrows worked at Devitt’s Camp for tuberculosis, Montgomery Mills and Muncy Valley Hospital before retiring to be a stay-at-home grandmother. She has four grandchildren, two stepgrandchildren, five great-grandchildren, three stepgreat-grandchildren and four stepgreat-great-grandchildren.

An animal lover, Burrows had pet canaries and a cat named Buffy. She had a driver’s license but hated driving. On one occasion when she had to take her husband to the doctor, she convinced the doctor to drive them home so she didn’t have to. She is terrified of chickens as a result of a “run-in” with one as a small child, but had a large collection of roosters. She enjoyed camping with her family at Juanita Lake and Lake George. Burrows lived alone until she moved into Sycamore Manor at the age of 97.

Though she always said she would never move to a nursing home, she will be the first to tell you how much she loves it at Sycamore. Her family jokes that they have to call ahead and make an appointment before coming to visit because Burrows is so busy with activities and is rarely in her room.

Using only her walker for assistance, Burrows goes faithfully to Senior Fitness exercise class twice a week.

Longevity does not run in her family, but Burrows credits her centenarian status to taking good care of herself, never smoking and never drinking.

Since turning 100 doesn’t happen every day, Burrows celebrated with two parties.

A surprise party thrown by her family and friends, and one for the Sycamore residents and staff thrown by volunteer Carol Fischer, who promised all of the Sycamore residents that if they make it to 100, she will personally throw them a party.

Burrows insisted that she didn’t know what all the fuss was about, but was thrilled to see so many friends and loved ones join her in her celebration.