An interview with Gary Brown

The path to achieving dreams is not a solo journey, but one realized through the help of supportive and caring people along the way.

Given the chance to interview Gary Brown, former National Football League standout and current running back coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was an exciting opportunity.

In speaking with Brown about his success, he demonstrated an impressive and unique sense of humbleness and appreciation. His response focused on achieving his goals through the help and support of others – parents, coaches, teachers, friends and brokers. He said “I didn’t do it on my own.”

The well-known cliche “it takes a whole village to raise a child” brings out the best in fellow human beings. We all need the synergy of human connectedness and mentoring to succeed.

Brown encompasses values that weave a tapestry of centeredness. He is family oriented, enjoying activities with his two daughters and son. He’s a down-to-earth kind of guy and possesses a personable approachability. His local roots are dear to his heart; “Williamsport will have a piece of my heart wherever I go” Brown said. He is passionate about his family, career and friends, and possesses a strong commitment to his faith, which is the foundation of his strength and optimism as he and his family deal with teenage daughter Malena’s battle with Chronic Meyloid Leukemia.

Coaching was the natural career progression for Brown. Coaching affords him the opportunity to “help others achieve what they want to be.” He enjoys “helping players fulfill their potential.” As a former player, he has walked in their shoes, which aids Brown in mentoring players dealing with the challenges and opportunities the NFL presents.

The art and skill of leadership is so essential to effective coaching. Brown’s leadership as a coach enables him to “help the players do something they didn’t think they could do.”

Indeed, wise insight into leadership excellence.

Two additional ingredients in Brown’s recipe for coaching include teamwork and goal setting; both of which he agrees are essential. “Teamwork is everyone going in the same direction,” Brown said, “it is difficult to win without it. Goals develop players to be the best they can be.” Growing up, Brown’s parents instilled the value of setting goals. Study after study indicates wise parenting and focused and specific goal setting are crucial in navigating the path of life.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, it was music to my ears to hear Brown say that the Dallas Cowboys is a great organization – an organization that has been very supportive of him and his family during Malena’s illness. He loves the Dallas, Texas, area and enjoys the history and all that it has to offer. Growing up, he didn’t have a favorite NFL team but his favorite player is running back, Tony Dorsett who played for the Cowboys from 1977-1987.

Looking toward the future, Brown would like to be a head coach (not necessarily in the NFL) one day. Based on his experience and solid insightful values, he would make an excellent leader that any organization could appreciate.

True role models live values and set examples. Brown is one of those models that exemplify the building blocks for a foundation of bedrock excellence.

Williamsport can be proud of its’ native son, Gary Brown.

Machamer is a human resources professional and college instructor who is working on authoring a book.