Fashionably fit: Clothing subscription boxes

Subscription box services seem to be increasingly popular. Browse the Internet and you will find that you can get a subscription box for almost anything, including children’s toys, cosmetics, healthy snacks, craft supplies and more.

You’ll want to do a little research to see what type of clothing each subscription service provides. Some offer athletic wear while others offer every day wear to work styles.

For my first experience with a subscription box, I chose a company called Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix charges a styling fee.

Here’s how it works.

The shopper will fill out an extensive survey about their personal style and taste. Then you are shown pictures of outfits and asked to choose which ones you like best.

According to Stitch Fix, I liked the styles that were considered classic, romantic, feminine or preppy. I did not like the styles that were urban chic, modern or hippie chic.

You also are asked to share your Pinterest account with the stylist so he or she can get a better idea of the things you might like. The professional stylist will take about two weeks to put a box of clothing and accessories together based on what they think you would enjoy.

I received my Stitch Fix box in the mail in less than then two weeks and I couldn’t wait to see what the stylist had chosen for me based on my survey.

Would she get it right? Did she depict me accurately?

My first item was a gold Francesca bow tie necklace ($48). My stylist, Layla, definitely got this one right.

It was classic, romantic, feminine and had a certain “Charlotte” from Sex and the City look to it. I liked this one.

The second item was a bright blue V-neck knit shirt by Under Skies ($48).

This was light weight, feminine, and perfect for summer. I really liked the color and the material and even though it wasn’t anything I would have picked for myself at the store, I could see where the stylist would think I might like it.

The third item was an absolute fail. It was a black 3/4 sleeve popover blouse by 41 Hawthorn ($58).

It had the sleeves that were rolled up and secured with a button and reminded me of a shirt a camp counselor would were with a pair of khaki shorts and hiking boots. This item was not my style.

The fourth item I fell in love with. It was a pair of light pink skinny jeans by Kensie Jeans ($88). The size was perfect. Layla got an A+ for this pick.

My final item was an Iris striped a-line skit by 41 Hawthorn ($58). It was a denim-like material and it fit perfectly.

Although I liked the variations of blue colors in the skirt, I am not a fan of the horizontal stripes. This reminded me of something my Nana would wear with a polo shirt and a pair of canvas Keds. Again, not my style but a nice try by Layla.

I thought maybe some of these items would pair up with each other to make an outfit, but none of them did. However, I was supplied a styling card inside my package to give me some ideas on how to wear each item.

The initial $20 styling fee will go towards any of the items that I would want to purchase in my fix. If I purchase all 5 items, I get a 25 discount.

If I purchase none of them, I am out the $20, but had a fun time putting on a little fashion show in the comfort of my own home. Stitch Fix provides a pre-paid enveloped to return the unwanted merchandise.

By giving feedback after each fix your stylist can continue to tailor your next fix until eventually you get five items in your box that you will want to keep.

I feel my stylist Layla did a good job selecting things that I would enjoy for my first fix.

Even though I wouldn’t have picked some of these items myself, I could see where they represented the classic, romantic, feminine or preppy style.

I was also impressed with how well everything fit. It’s always a gamble when you order things online, but with the measurements I provided, my stylist got it right. The one thing I was not impressed with where the prices.

These are no doubt quality items that are sent and the prices probably reflect what you would pay at a high end department stores.

I’m sure some people are willing to pay these prices for the convenience of not having to go out and shop for themselves.

I on the other hand, enjoy a bargain and wouldn’t mind seeing some moderately priced items in my fix.

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