Fashionably fit

A few years ago I was into the Italian charm bracelets. These were the flat charms that linked together, almost like a watchband. You could find a charm to suit any interest. You could even get one with your name on it.

I decided to collect charms from all the places I’ve visited. I’ve collected charms from Ireland, Grand Cayman, Disney World, you get the idea.

A few years later I was introduced to the European charms. These were the beads that looped onto a chain like a bracelet. I wasn’t as diligent in collecting these charms. To be honest, I didn’t wear the bracelet that much because it was kind of heavy on my wrist. With both of these bracelets I liked the fact that they told a little story about me. My Italian charm bracelet showed that I was a traveler, the European bracelet showed some of the simple things I liked.

This brings me to my newest obsession, the shoe lace charms. These are charms that lay flat with a loop on the backside of the charm to easily slip on to your shoestring. I admit I found this to be a little silly at first. That was until I started finding charms that I could relate to.

I’m a runner, so I immediately took to the charms that said “Magical Miles” or “13.1.” If you’ve run a race in a big city like Boston or New York City, there is a charm for those too. Not only can you get charms that mention distances or cities, there also are inspiration charms like “Believe” or “Hope.”

Are you going to be a bride, a bridesmaid, or an Army mom? There are charms for you too.

I’ve seen these charms come in the shape of a circle and in the shape of a heart with a few faux rhinestones. The heart shaped ones with the rhinestones are personally my favorite and they don’t look nearly as tacky as they sound. I’ve found two companies that I absolutely adore that sell such charms. One is and the other is GoneFor

Another fun shoe accessory that I recently discovered are Shwings. The Shwings are larger than the traditional shoelace charm. They are like paper cut-outs made of a polyester foil and they come in a set of two, one for each shoe. I’ve seen them shaped as princess crowns, hearts, astrology signs and wings of all kinds.

If you go with any of the wings, I’d suggest buying two sets and using one set on each shoe. I’ve seen this done with butterfly wings on little girls’ shoes, and I think putting a set of the gold wings on a pair of gladiator sandals looks super sharp.

Of course, if you have a super speedy athlete in your life, they might like a pair of the wings or maybe a pair of flames for their athletic shoes.

You want to add a little pizazz to your shoes, but don’t have shoe string? No problem. You can get your Swhings for Velcro shoes or you can get some clip-on Shwings that are great for flip flops and sandals. Wouldn’t you just love to don a clip-on heart or moustache on your flip flops this summer? You can find more Shwings by going to Shwings