Father’s Hope donates to orphanage in Honduras

MILTON – Father’s Hope, a Central Pennsylvania based international orphan outreach project, recently presented a $2,000 donation to the Oasis de Amor orphanage in Choluteca, Honduras.

Kevin Mertz, Father’s Hope founder, traveled to the orphanage to present the funding, which was made possible by donations from local individuals and organizations.

The money will primarily be used to help finish a building expansion at the orphanage. Once complete, the orphanage will be able to immediately take in five new children.

In addition to helping fund the completion of the expansion, the donation also was used to buy several bicycles for the orphanage, and to repair bicycles.

“We are so thankful to everyone who contributed financially to make this donation possible,” Mertz said. “It will truly impact the lives of orphans and meant so much to everyone at the orphanage. Without this donation, it could’ve taken many years to finish the expansion, meaning at least five orphans would’ve continued without a safe place to stay.”

In addition to the funding, Mertz took stuffed animals, donated by Kohl’s department store in Selinsgrove, to the orphans, along with crayons, coloring books and jump ropes.

Since 2012, Father’s Hope has touched the lives of nearly 7,000 orphans in 10 countries, primarily by shipping donated, small stuffed animals and hand-made cards created by local youth, to the orphanages.

Father’s Hope welcomes the opportunity to speak to or partner with, local community organizations, vacation Bible schools, Scout troops, school groups, church groups and youth groups and organizations.

For more information about Father’s Hope, or to schedule a speaker, visit www.facebook. com/fathershope or email fathers.hope@gmail.com.