Herr Memorial Library celebrates 80 years

MIFFLINBURG – On the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Herr Memorial Library, a unique lineage connection of the founder, Elliott Gutelius, was discovered.

Frederick and Anna Gutelius had 11 sons and 4 daughters. One of their sons, Joseph, had a second generation descendant named Elliott J. Gutelius.

In 1934, Elliott purchased a collection of books including “Funk and Wagnall’s New Standard Encyclopedias.”

This same set can be found on display in the library today.

Mifflinburg’s free public library was then established. Another son of Frederick Gutelius, John Frederick, had a fourth generation descendant named George. George and Elliott are distant cousins. George Gutelius paid a visit to the Herr Memorial Library on April 7 to see the “Funk and Wagnall’s New Standard Encyclopedias” on display and to share his memories.

Frederick and Anna Gutelius built a house on the corner of Green and Fifth Streets in 1803. When the house was put up for auction in 1997, a small group quickly gathered and raised money to become the Preservation Mifflinburg Inc. in order to preserve the house.

The Gutelius House Museum, 432 Grant St., sits a block away from where the Herr Memorial Library is today.

Karen Fritz, president and Joyce Bielski, vice president of the Gutelius House Museum visited the Herr Memorial Library with George.

The public is invited to join the celebration of this milestone for the library while taking a step back in time by visiting the library and the Gutelius House Museum.

More information on the library can be found at www.herrlibrary .org and the museum at www.gutel iushousemuseum.org.