Horizon Federal Credit Union holds ‘Piggy Bank Tales’ program

The proverbial statement, “teach them young,” is absolutely true. Amanda Johnson, Horizon Federal Credit Union’s financial education coordinator, interlaced financial literacy with the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic during her five-week “Piggy Bank Tales” program offered at the James V. Brown Library.

Horizon has provided this program since 2011 for children from kindergarten through second grade. This year, a few of the books that were utilized to help promote financial literacy were, “Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday” and The Berenstain Bears’ “Trouble with Money.”

“Our story time and craft projects reinforced the basic principles of financial literacy, which are the ability to understand how money works in the world, how someone manages to earn or make money, how that person manages his or her money, how he or she invests money (turn it into more) and how that person donates money to help others,” Johnson said.

Horizon Federal Credit Union has locations at 1007 E. Third St. and 217 W. Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven.