Scout Troop 12 participate in the Spring Camporee

The weekend of May 2-4, 16 Scouts from Troop 12 of St. Luke Lutheran Church, 1400 Market St., camped at Little Pine State Park as part of a regional Spring Camporee event. More than 10 troops attended the Spring Camporee. The scouts visited six “skills learning” stations that included extreme cooking where Scouts fried bacon on a slate rock “fry pan”; heaving bar challenge that taught knot-tying, rope coiling, and rope-throwing skills; fly tying and fly casting, with instruction provided by the Slate Run Sportsmen; a Wings of Williamsport (WOW) exhibit where Scouts constructed airplanes and observed a radio-control model airplane being flown; and a PA Fish and Boat Commission exhibit where they boarded a Waterways Commission boat.

The weekend featured a cooking competition for the Scouts and the adult leaders. The Scouts also experienced night fishing. Additionally, the Troop completed a service project, mulching the Eagle Watch Area at Little Pine State Park.

Each of Troop 12’s three patrols was in charge of their meals and organizing their tents. “With over 20 Scouts in our troop, each patrol bought, prepared and cooked their own meals and set up and tore down their tents and the campsite,” said Dr. William Piotrowski, the Scoutmaster. “I’ve seen the older scouts grow in their leadership abilities and look forward to seeing the younger scouts develop their skills.”

Both Chris Frey Jr. and Gabriel Carson were impressed by the extreme cooking station. “It showed us interesting ways to cook when you’re in a survival situation like how to make stoves out of rock, chimneys or anything out there,” Carson said. “It encourages scouts to think outside the box,” added. Piotrowski. Matthew Heaton enjoyed the fly tying as that was the first time he did it.