Camp ENERGY offers healthy lifestyle choices for children

MILLVILLE – It is easy for children to spend the summer sleeping in or lying around the house playing video games, which makes developing healthy habits difficult during the summer months.

This year Camp ENERGY (Exercise-Nutrition-Emotions-Record-Goals-You) has announced a new week-long experience to be held Aug. 3-8 at Camp Victory to help children remain active and learn a healthy lifestyle.

“Obesity in our youth has grown to epidemic proportions in the U.S., especially in rural America,” said Jennifer Franceschelli, DO, associate physician in the Geisinger Center for Nutrition and Weight Management and Camp Energy medical director. “In the 2009-10 school year, of students in grades 7-12, 16.26 percent were overweight and 18.24 percent were obese. It is projected that obesity in adults could reach 56.7 percent in Pennsylvania by 2030.”

Camp ENERGY helps campers and their families start and maintain a healthy lifestyle and encourages holistic wellness, according to camp director Jerry Foley.

“Rather than approach health as a physical issue, ENERGY teaches, promotes and instills the larger factors that determine a child’s well-being,” Foley said. “This is our inaugural week-long camp and we expect attendance to dramatically increase this year.”

Camp ENERGY is open to children between age 11 and 18.

Campers must be willing to participate in camp activities, be open to a lifestyle change and have at least one primary caregiver willing to participate.

“Our goal is to promote overall wellness, not only in the camper themselves, but to their family, friends and surrounding community,” Franceschelli said.

Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger has supported Camp Energy for the past several years. Funds from Children’s Miracle Network support operation costs for the camp and make the camp more affordable to families.

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