Excellent women of strength

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Ghandi

The strongest people I know have endeavored to make a difference when prospects were most bleak. They’ve trudged through and overcame red tape, obstacles and pitfalls. Countless men fit this description. However, exponentially fewer women have been recognized for their triumphs.

Here is where we find the backbone of the YWCA’s annual Women of Excellence Celebration: shining the light on the radiant women whose selfless resolve directly and positively impacts the community.

This year marks the sixth annual celebration of this kind. Since the inaugural Women of Excellence event, we’ve gratefully honored seniors, young women, stay-at-home moms and career-women, nonprofit warriors and victors in the corporate world; each of whom display integrity, strength, leadership and an active hands-on role in the community.

When the evening arrives that we recognize these women, we are forever humbled by the size of their hearts and the strength of their will.

Honorees often express the wish to share their spotlight with those who persevered by their sides, encouraging them along the way.

Nominations for the 2014 class of Women of Excellence are beginning to roll in and the energy is in the air.

Preparations are underway and the date is set for Nov. 6. The rest is up to you.

I don’t want to pull the wool over your eyes, so I must be transparent. While this celebration is unique in its goal, it is a fundraiser. Nominations have a cost and we sell tickets for the dinner. However, every dollar that comes to us in the form of a nomination, ticket sale or sponsorship, means we can support women in crisis to meet their true potential of becoming survivors, educated mothers, employed strong women.

Any woman deserving of the title “Woman of Excellence” believes in that mission.

If you’d like to nominate a Woman of Excellence, visit or call me at 570-322-4637, ext. 159.

I’d love to hear about her.

Thompson is the communications and development manager at the YWCA, 815 W. Fourth St.

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