Presentation to be given at Cloud 9 Airport Restaurant

Local artist and massage therapist Geoffrey Haun will give a presentation from 7 to 9 p.m. July 23 at Cloud 9 Airport Restaurant, 700 Airport Road, Montoursville, about the three months he spent in an isolated area of the Peruvian Amazon earlier this year.

The public is invited and Haun will give a short talk and present a movie he created from video taken during his stay in the jungle.

“With the movie I try to convey the beauty of the jungle and how wonderful it was to be completely immersed in nature for so long. The movie is like my nature journal in video format,” Haun said.

Haun’s discussion will be divided into three parts.

“The first part will be about why I went which will cover not only the great opportunity I had with the work exchange program I participated in at the Chaikuni Institute, but also why I wanted to work with indigenous healers and shamans in this area of the Amazon. The second part will be about what I actually did there including my work with the exchange program and the amazing experiences I had working with four shamans who with the help of floral baths, massage, a special diet, traditional ceremonies and a two week vision quest in the jungle, guided me to depths of understanding and insight that I never thought possible. The third part will be about what I’m doing now and how my experience in the jungle has informed my massage practice, inspired my artwork and helped me clarify my goals and vision. This will include the announcement of the opening of my new office in the old city hall in Williamsport this month, new phases in my Pine Run Garden CSA and Habitat Preserve project in Linden and upcoming yoga, taiji and qigong classes that I’ll be teaching.”

Haun also will have photos from his trip on display during the presentation and Cloud 9 will offer food inspired by Amazonian cuisine