Dog Tales

Our family loves dogs and are incomplete when we are “between dogs.” We had a wonderful Australian cattle dog named Blizzy, who became ill and passed away.

We were getting our “daily dose of dog” by petting other peoples’ dogs but that didn’t stop our yearning for a dog of our own.

After a few months, we decided it was time to visit the Lycoming County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for another dog.

At the SPCA, we started down one side of the wall of pens and looked at each dog. Which dog would pass our requirements? Not a puppy but not too old, short or medium length fur, friendly and medium sized, as we are getting older.

The first dog was a beautiful German shepard but too large. The next one would need grooming. The next dog was jumping all around his pen and showing his teeth – and so it went. We carefully considered each dog. We finally narrowed it down to two dogs.

One had a brindle colored coat and huge ears, which looked like she would have to grow into them but, she was just the right size. She was having a wonderful time playing with a tennis ball. When the ball got caught under the rug, she flipped the rug over and chased the ball around her pen. We decided we would take her out in the yard and play with her. It didn’t take long for us to decide that Izzy was the dog for us.

Little did we know how obsessed she is with balls – little balls, big balls, red balls, tennis balls and anything round. Once she tried to get a Christmas ball off of the Christmas tree. We caught her just in time.

She has been a joy and delight. Our only regret is we don’t know who had to give up this wonderful dog. We would like them to know how much joy she has brought to us.

We feel her former master may have been in a wheelchair. When we throw a ball for her, she will bring it back and put it into our hand. If we drop it, we tell her, “hand it to me” and she will pick it up and put it in our hand again.

Besides playing ball, she loves to swim, play in the snow, go for rides in the car and in the ATV and snuggle up to us at night. She loves children – actually, she seems to like everyone. At the dog park she will go to anyone and drop her ball at their feet and look up at them as if to say, “It’s your turn to throw my ball, please.”

We keep saying to each other “how did we pick such a wonderful dog” and we think Izzy must be saying to herself, “I don’t know how I got such a wonderful forever home.”