Pet Tales: Wacky and creative names for cats and dogs

The gray-striped tabby cat is a big hit at his veterinarian’s office. Everyone in the waiting room laughs when his name is called: Agent Jack Meower.

Yes, owner Derek Klingel of Stroudsburg, Monroe County, is a big fan of Kiefer Sutherland’s character, Jack Bauer, on the television show “24.”

Agent Jack Meower tops the 2016 list of the most clever, creative and quirky pet names culled from the list of 575,000 pets insured by Nationwide (formerly known as Veterinary Pet Insurance).

No. 2 was Shakespurr, a Bengal cat who lives in Florida with Bengals named Romeow and Juliet. No. 9 is a blue-eyed white cat named Ziggy Snowdust, an homage to the Ziggy Stardust persona of the late David Bowie.

The top dog is a bulldog named McLoven the Stud Muffin. No. 2 is a West Highland white terrier named Kanye Westie, my personal favorite.

Here’s the rest of the Top Tens:


3. Meowmadeus

4.Macaroni Bob

5.Sir Pickles Pennybottom

6.Princess Poopy Paws

7.Butch Catsidy

8. Sharkbait Hoo Haa Haa

10. Enzo Asparagus Santa


3. Angus Von Wigglebottom

4. Super Fun Coconut Dog

5. Optimus Prime Rib

6. Maximus Waffles

7. ChaChi Big Foot

8. Scrappin Scruffy Macdoogle of the Highland Macdoogles

9. Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon

10. Aggie Von Schwaggie

Go to to see the top 50 as well as bios that explain how the critters got their creative names.