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I’m 29, but I have been plagued with fine, thin hair for most of my life, thanks to a combination of genetics and general lack of care for my hair when I was really into hair dye and bleach. (Thankfully, I’ve seen the light and now only let professionals touch my hair with chemicals.)

And if you have fine and-or thin hair, you understand my problem. I’m inundated with beautiful pictures of full, luscious, unobtainable hair. I see models flipping and whipping their hair around only to have it look effortless, chic and super casual, a style that is very on trend at the moment. If I did that, it would look like I had three strands of hair on my head that I put in different directions! I’ve come to peace with it though, learning some tricks and some DON’Ts along the way.

1. Texture is everything. I find my hair looks fullest when I embrace my natural waves and let it go! Some days I’ll half blow-dry my hair and just spritz with beach waves spray and let it dry by the time I arrive at the office. My natural wave then comes through and the texture doesn’t leave me with pin straight, stringy locks.

One of my favorites at the moment is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe, a texturizing sea salt spray. It smells great, comes in travel sizes and doesn’t weigh your hair down or dry it out like some scrunching and curling products do. And it comes at a very affordable price. You can find it pretty much anywhere – drugs stores, Target, Wal-Mart or online.

2. Long locks may not be your friend. I’ve envied all of my friends who have long, full hair. I have tried to grow my hair out to extreme lengths, only to be disappointed as longer hair looks even thinner on me, as well as made my hair feel rattier. A thing I’ve learned is that getting regular hair cuts actually makes your hair look fuller. Depending on your hair, a lob (long bob) is a really great, and very on-trend cut right now that is perfect for thin hair because it allows movement and texture. Actress Kristen Bell’s hair looks great with this cut. Tousle your locks with some texturizing spray and you’re good to go!

3. Fake it. I use products to fake fullness and volume in my hair. Although I sacrifice a natural feel in my hair (some volumizing products can make your hair feel a little chalky), I love using a volumizing mousse or powder. One of my go-tos is Batiste Plumping Powder XXL. I usually start after blow-drying my hair by lifting a layer of hair around my crown and sprinkling the powder. After that, I use my fingers to distribute the product and create more fullness in my hair. I do not recommend putting the product directly on the top layer of your hair as it can show a powdery film. That’s why I put it under layers of hair so you can’t see the product itself.

Another way you could make your hair fuller would be with extentions, which you can buy at beauty supply stores or contact your hair dresser.

While thinning hair can be genetic, please check with your doctor if your thin hair is a concern. Losing hair can signify a greater health issue, and definitely needs to be addressed by a doctor.

Other than that, work with what you’ve got! Accessories in your hair such as headbands and pins also can give thin hair life. Experiment with different styles and techniques and find one you feel comfortable with.

Wiegand is a reporter for the Lifestyle and Entertainment departments. She is a lover of all things furry and a self-proclaimed beauty product aficionado. Her column will be published the third Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. She may be reached at