Fashionably fit

As the weather cools down, we are now bringing clothes and shoes into our rotation that we may not have worn in a few months. Some of them may not fit or feel the way they use to. Are those closed toed shoes and boot cut jeans feeling a bit too tight? Are your shoes and boots looking a little dull?

Here are a few fashion hacks you can use this fall to get your clothes through another season.


For shoes that are feeling too tight, wear an extra thick pair of socks with them and run a hair dryer over the tight parts for several minutes. Keep the shoes on until they cool down. They should eventually stretch out.

For leather shoes and boots that are looking dull, wipe facial/body moisturizer on them in place of shoe polish. To shine patent leather shoes, spray Windex or other glass cleaner on them.

To water proof canvas shoes, rub beeswax on them and then set it with a hairdryer.

Jackets and hoodies

Got a stuck zipper on your jacket? No problem, rub the zipper with a crayon. The wax works as a lubricant and the zipper should slide up and down easily.

Has the cord come out of your favorite hoodie? If pinning the cord to a safety pin won’t do, try stapling the cord to a straw and threading it through. This works a lot faster.


Make T-shirts super soft by soaking them in salt water for three days and then washing them normally. Use one quart of water and a half cup of salt.

To remove yellow sweat stains from white shirts, spray effected area with lemon juice. The stain should then come out with regular washing.

To unshrink a shirt (or pair of pants), soak in a tub of baby shampoo. Work the shampoo through the garment and then (without rinsing) squeeze the water out. Lay flat on a towel and gently stretch the clothing. Let air dry. The item should be a few inches longer when it dries.


To take care of a sweater that is pilling, take a new razor blade over it. Follow it up with the sticky side of tape to remove any leftover pills. This method works for leggings that may start to pill as well. A pumice stone also works for removing fuzzies.

To prevent sweaters like mohair and angora from shedding, put the sweater in a ziplock bag and set in the freezer for at least three hours.


If a pair of jeans are feeling a bit too tight, take an elastic hair band and loop it through the button hole and around the button. This should suffice until you’ve worn them enough to stretch them out.

When tucking your jeans into a pair of boots, clip a pair of elastic mitten clips to the hem and use them as stirrups. This keeps the jeans from bunching up in your boots.

If you bought a new pair of dark wash jeans for fall, keep them dark by adding a half cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle when you wash them.

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