Moments of Motherhood

My children’s future

Friends, something to think about … this election has created so much hatred and controversy and as I’ve said before, I’m scared for what the future holds for my children.

There are those very much against Clinton and those very much against Trump, and yes, soon enough, there will be a large group of people who are very unhappy with the outcome.

But here’s something to ponder and keep in your back pocket — the words from a poster came to mind when I reminded myself that no matter who gets into office, God can use them.

It doesn’t matter WHO it is, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done, He can do and work miracles through anyone of us.

• Noah was a drunk

• Abraham was too old

• Isaac was a daydreamer

• Jacob was a liar

• Leah was ugly

• Joseph was abused

• Moses had a stuttering problem

• Gideon was afraid

• Samson had long hair and was a womanizer

• Rahab was a prostitute

• Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

• David had an affair and was a murderer

• Elijah was suicidal

• Jonah ran from God

• Naomi was a widow

• Job went bankrupt

• Peter denied Christ

• The disciples fell asleep while praying

• Martha worried about everything

• The Samaritan woman was divorced

• Zacchaeus was too small

• Paul was too religious

• Timothy had an ulcer

• Lazarus was dead

Think of that, and think of how God used those who most would have thought, well …wouldn’t be of much “use”.

I pray that we can stop the hatred and attacking of one another and truly start praying more for God to truly work through whoever the next President of the United States may be.

Long is a local author and mother of four, entrepreneur, paid parental leave advocate and health coach. Her column is published on the third Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. To keep up with Long, visit