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Hi. I’m Bethany. I’m 29 years old. And I am a LUSH-a-holic.

I know. Sounds crazy. It’s been since 2010 that I’ve been in this love affair with LUSH cosmetics a store which we cruely do not have within a 50-mile radius of our dear city of Williamsport. (I’m still praying for the day when one opens!)

Bath bombs that change your bath water amazing colors, face masks made with fresh ingredients that actually make a difference in the quality of your skin and bath jellies and gels that smell incredible, even long after you’ve showered – these are just a FEW of the reasons why I have a mild obsession with this company that prides itself in no connection to animal testing and fresh, unique and organic ingredients. Each product even has a little sticker on it with who it was made by and when with a small caricature of the employee. How cool is that?

I recently helped plan a bachelorette party for a close friend who’s wedding I’m a bridesmaid in and we decided to send her to the LUSH spa in Philadelphia. There only are two spas of this nature in the country, the other being in New York City, so this was sure to be an experience she would love! The bride-to-be came out of the two-hour massage feeling not only relaxed, but completely in awe of the intricate techniques the masseuse learned while training in England. This is a company dedicated to not only a unique experience, but a quality one.

I usually keep a small (OK, not really) stockpile of products because I don’t get to go to the store that often. (I think the closest is in Lancaster?) Below I’m sharing some of my recent favorites that I’ve acquired.

1. Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb – I always have been a fan of the bath bombs from LUSH because they add to a relaxing experience, and watching the bath bomb dissolve into the water is only half the fun. This bath bomb features lemon oil, which is invigorating in itself. The product is described as citrus sherbert-scented and it changes an array of colors while dissolving. The best part? It left my skin feeling so smooth, I skipped lotion afterwards.

2. Toothy Tabs – So I have been anticipating this product for a while, as it is not only is economically friendly, it truly cleansed my teeth and had them feeling smoother than regular toothpaste. I got the Miles of Smiles flavor, which is minty. What you do is put a tab in your mouth and chew it, and then begin to brush with your toothpaste. OK, yes, I’ll admit that the overwhelming taste of baking soda was a little bit of a turn off at first, but using these for several weeks now, I’ve noticed a difference in how clean my teeth actually feel. They travel well too, which is a plus! They also have tons of different flavors, for whatever you prefer.

3. FUN soap – Described as a multi-purpose soap “that lives up to its name,” I recently bought this product in Rainbow for my nephew, who is more than a year old and absolutely loves bath time. It comes in a wrapped tube with all the colors of the rainbow included and smelled amazing because of the mandarin oil that is in the product. Each color separates and you can pull chunks off to create different “clay-like” creations. The product also bubbles in the bath. My nephew loved it!

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Wiegand is a reporter for the Lifestyle and Entertainment departments. She is a lover of all things furry and a self-proclaimed beauty product aficionado. Her column is published the third Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. She may be reached at