Megan does Makeup

Fall vibes holiday look

Even though Thanksgiving is about stuffing your face with the people you love, that does not mean your face cannot look flawless while you are eating seconds of pumpkin pie.

Since the holiday is all about food, this makeup look will focus on shimmery gold and cranberry eyes, a champagne color highlight and rosey cheeks.

Begin by priming the face and eyes before applying any product so the makeup lasts from the moment your godmother arrives until she is falling asleep in the armchair pretending to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

Use your favorite foundation, concealer and translucent powder to create the base for flawless skin.

Also do your eyebrows however you prefer. I am pretty minimal with mine, I use a brow pencil then blend the product out with a spooly brush.

Applying bronzer, blush and highlighter will give your face a healthy, warm glow especially if you are as fair skinned as me.

To make my face look less ghostly, I use a warm-toned bronzer such as e.l.f. Sunkissed Glow Bronzer in Sunkissed. To brighten my cheeks I use a rose color, natural looking blush like Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush.

For highlight, you could go for a subtle shine with Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight or match the gold tones in the eyeshadows with a champagne color like tre’StiQue Highlight Stick in Maldives.

If you are comfortable using an eyelash curler, curl those lashes then begin defining the crease of your eyelid with a matte beige or light brown transition shade on a fluffy eyeshadow brush. On top of that color put a matte medium brown to create even more definition.

With all of these eyeshadows make sure to blend them all out so there are no harsh lines.

Cover the rest of the lid with a shimmery gold eyeshadow then blend it up into the crease so there is a seamless transition.

Take a cranberry eyeshadow on the outer part of the crease then in the lower outer corners add a dark brown or black shadow to darken up the look. Pop a sparkly white on the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and make your eyes look bigger.

Line the eyes with black eyeliner however you prefer, then finish it off with your favorite black mascara.

A matte nude lipstick or shiny lip gloss will complete the look. Dark plum and maroon lips are best saved for after dessert so they do not get all over your face.

All of the products I mentioned are just suggestions, use whatever you have in your makeup bag that makes you feel beautiful.

To see this look on my face and the products I used, visit my Instagram account @megandoes makeupxo.