Thankful for stability

Last Thanksgiving, I was commuting to and from school finishing up my last semester, unsure of where I was heading in a month.

That wasn’t particularly bad. I actually remember feeling like it was kind of refreshing not being able to know what was coming next.

But this Thanksgiving it’s nice to have some semblance of stasis. No more moving from apartment to apartment as soon as I get settled.

It’s been a year since I’ve graduated college and I am learning a lot in my job here at the Sun-Gazette and a lot about myself in general.

I am at an interesting point in my life where significant friends from my childhood I never thought I’d see again are coming back into my life.

It’s a strange feeling seeing someone after a decade and being able to reach over all those years and bring it right back like nothing had ever moved, but knowing at the same time that a lot has changed for the better.

That’s a perk of living in the area, I think — people are mostly back after college for a bit.

Thanksgiving also is a time when there’s a lot of people around I haven’t seen in a long time coming to visit.

I’ve got quite a big landmark coming up this Thanksgiving season, also.

My girlfriend and I will have been together for six years after Thanksgiving, and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

It’s amazing to have someone for that long throughout the sometimes tumultuous stretch of early-adulthood.

Trust me, I never thought this would be so significant in high school, but I am glad it is.

She’s helped me through a lot and I like to think I have helped her too and Thanksgiving is always a little more significant because of that.

My brother started college this year in North Carolina and is home for the week and it’ll be great spending time with him.

Even though we’re four years apart and couldn’t be more different in a lot of ways, we’ve always been close.

Other than that, I am always happy for the routine Thanksgiving celebration.

I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts all the way through college and didn’t have off some holidays so this year will be great being able to spend the day with both sides of the family, kick back, read a book and relax.