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Spring fashion must haves

With the warmer weather now here, we are itching to get out our spring wardrobe. If you are finding yourself a little uninspired with your lackluster wardrobe from last year (or even years past), try giving it a fresh look with these pieces that are hot for spring.

All year I’ve been seeing the peep toe booties and could not quite grasp why they were so popular online and in stores while the weather was still chilly. However, now they make perfect sense and are a very trendy style for spring. Choose a style in a light brown, tan or taupe that has a block heel. The ones that have a sling back are great for this time of year. These look great with straight leg jeans, crops, shorts and even skirts. If you are someone who is on your feet all day, look for comfort brands like Naturalizer or Aerosoles.

Another must have for spring is a pair of colored jeans. The hot colors this season are coral and sea mist green. You’ll be able to find skinny jeans in a plethora of colors but if you are like me and your body does not take kindly to the skinny jeans, then I suggest looking for slim fit jeans instead.

The slim fit jeans are form fitting with either a straight leg or a bit of a tapered leg than can be worn straight or cuffed. They are not worn so tightly against the body like skinny jeans, which makes them a better choice for spring and summer. I will admit that the slim fit jeans in various colors are harder to find, but I’ve had great success at Anne Taylor and Anne Taylor Loft. Also, the Stylus brand at J.C Penney and are a good choice.

Cold shoulder shirts (those that are off the shoulder or have the shoulder cut out), continue to be popular. Keep it classy by getting a cold shoulder blouse or something flowy. Stay away from knits or cold shoulder shirts that are skin tight. Kohl’s department store has a nice selection of cold shoulder blouses but has an even larger selection.

If you dress up, then a pair of toeless pantyhose definitely should be on your must have list for spring. These are great for the work place, weddings or any place that would require pantyhose be worn with dresses or skirts. They are a full length hose with a peep toe cut out so you can continue to wear sandals or open toe shoes (they are not designed to be worn with flip flops). I picked up a pair at for less than $10.

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