Megan Does Makeup

Tips and tricks to improve your makeup game

Most people who have been doing makeup for years have their own tricks for creating their perfect look.

I have been slathering makeup on my face since I was in seventh grade, so I have learned a thing or two about makeup application.

These tricks will help improve makeup application and a few tips on looking more awake even when you are exhausted.

Over the years, color correcting has had spurts of popularity in the beauty world. Color correcting is using the opposite color on the color wheel to cancel out a color on your face. For example if you have redness, use green to cancel it out.

I have a lot of redness mainly on my cheeks so I use the Hard Candy Cushion Cream Corrector in green to tone it down. Do not use too much or it will show through foundation like Kermit the Frog.

Peach, orange and red will cancel out dark circles depending on skin tone. If you are fair, opt for peach, while medium to deep tones work best with orange or red. My favorite peach corrector is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid.

Yellow also can help brighten dullness. I often use the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in light yellow under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on the middle of my forehead and on my chin to highlight. I have never looked like Marge Simpson after using yellow so no need to worry.

The brand also has a regular yellow shade for medium to deep skin tones.

A trick I swear by is to warm up your eyelash curler and mascara before use them. By doing this, your eyelashes will hold a better curl and warm mascara applies more smoothly to the lashes.

To warm them up, take a hair dryer to the curler then wait for it to cool down a bit, roll the tube of mascara between the palms of your hands or stuff both in your bra for a bit.

This, my lovely readers, is the magic of makeup.

For a daytime look, try eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. Take a precise brush with any matte eyeshadow and wiggle it close to the lash line. This will give soft definition while making the lashes look a little fuller.

Another tip for the eyes is to put white eyeshadow on the inner corners and run a nude or white kohl eyeliner on the waterline to appear more awake.

My final trick is to use a toothbrush as a lip exfoliator. This was something I read in a magazine as a teenager that I swear by. Wet your lips then take a damp toothbrush and move it in circular motions over the lips.

This removes dead skin while making them feel soft and improving lipstick application.

These tricks are my most tried and true methods in regards to beauty. Without them I would not be the woman I am today.

Bloom has a passion for makeup and making people feel beautiful. Megan Does Makeup is about tips for applying products, if a product is worth the money and inspiration for makeup looks. The column is published on the third Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle Section.

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