Area Bridge Club results

Following are the highest-scoring players in the area bridge games reported to the Sun-Gazette:


Bridge Club

July 24 — Gene Waltz and Lynn Henry, 29; Ann Day and Judy Stein, 26.5; Lorraine Lecce and Sue Pierce, 26; Don Dascher and Marge Winder, 25; Sally Manning and Kay Dando, 23.

July 26 — Judy Stein and Marty Hodrick, 29; Don Dascher and Mary Ann Churba, 25; Jean Steinbacker and Mary Capkovic, 19.

July 27 — Doris Plotts and Craig Netzley, 28; Vince and Diane Bardsley, 19.

July 28 — Don Dascher and Judy Stein, 80; Barbara Mateer and David Hoover, 69; David Winters and Amy Pitou, 66; Marge Winder and Marie Zurinsky, 65.5; Sarabelle Leuthner and Ann Day, 65; Mike Anesko and Sarah Soster, 63; Fred Gilbert and Mary Ann Churba, 60; Susan Greenleaf Lowery and Pat Todd, 59; Sally Manning and Lisa Godin, 53.

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