Moments of Motherhood

Dear Mommy: Don’t quit

PHOTO PROVIDED Shown is a note to Moments of Motherhood columnist Regan Long, written by one of her children.

Mommy, today I saw you look sad. Actually, you didn’t know it, but I saw you crying. You tried to hide it, but I still saw you hurting.

I noticed that many times today you got frustrated, your head was hung low, and I could tell that you had a lot on your mind.

Today was a hard day for you, and you’ve actually had quite a few days like today. I always wonder how hard it must be, to be a mommy, and to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

But Mommy, today I also saw that even when you were sad, you quickly wiped away your tears and tried to smile. I knew it must have been hard to act happy, but you played with us, you tickled us until the baby got the hiccups and then read to us and rubbed our heads until we fell asleep.

I never said thanks, Mommy. You didn’t know it, but I was still awake when you kissed my head and whispered, “I love you.” I still love when you do that.

I watched you as you worked through the things that must have had you frustrated. You crossed things off your list, added a lot more to it and typed faster than I ever saw anyone type. I bet you were coming up with a great plan to fix whatever needed to be fixed.

That’s what you do, Mommy. You always fix what needs to be fixed.

I saw when you worked hard when you were so, so tired. I saw as your arms moved slower and your legs did, too. But you still kept going, you still didn’t stop.

Mommy, today I saw that you didn’t quit. Just in case you didn’t think anyone noticed, I did. I noticed, Mommy.

So don’t ever quit.



A reminder to every mother, you may not think they notice, you may not think they’re watching, you may not think they “get it”… but, oh sweet mama, they do. They see you. Don’t ever give up.

Long is a local author and mother of four, entrepreneur, paid parental leave advocate and health coach. Her column is published on the third Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. To keep up with Long, visit