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YWCA seeks Women of Excellence nominations

Inspiration is something personal. Only you can sense that jolt of energy pushing you to do more and be better. Can you identify a time you felt that spark?

At the YWCA’s annual tribute to Women of Excellence, inspiration is a regular occurrence. During this celebration, a dozen or so of our area’s most selfless women gather together at the urging of their peers, employers and loved ones to be honored for their contributions to the community.

Now in its ninth year, more than 100 community-minded women have been recognized during Women of Excellence. Nonprofit workhorses, thoughtful volunteers, corporate powerhouses, extraordinary mothers and generous philanthropists all have had a well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

To nominate a Woman of Excellence, folks take time to write a small biography the woman whose integrity, character and selflessness they believe is worthy of honor. Then the event committee has the pleasure of informing the honorees of their tribute, getting to know each one just a little bit and planning their night to shine.

Once that night arrives we excitedly share the accomplishments and contributions of each Woman of Excellence, highlighting the tangible impact each honorees makes on the community.

It’s inspiring — and that’s not a cliche or an exaggeration. The event is jam-packed with tales of tireless dedication, juggling responsibilities, overcoming obstacles and heart-warming anecdotes about each woman.

One thing I find especially moving about this evening is that each Woman of Excellence is surrounded by family, friends, bosses and coworkers — all of whom want the world to know that their honoree is deserving of accolades.

Take a moment and read the criteria of a Woman of Excellence. Sound like anyone you know?

Nominees must:

• Have worked and-or volunteered in Lycoming County for two or more years.

• Demonstrate the principals of integrity, strength of character and leadership.

• Have a history of active participation in the community as a volunteer, role model or board and-or committee member.

• Understand and support the mission of the YWCA: eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

In addition to the dozen or so Women of Excellence honored each year, one woman is named the YWCA Wise Woman of the Year. This award is an honor given to one exemplary woman whose compassion and leadership set a standard for a lifetime commitment to the welfare of Lycoming County and its residents.

If you know a Woman of Excellence, visit the YWCA’s website at www.ywcawilliamsport.org to download a nomination form.

There you’ll also find a full list of women who have been honored in this way. If you’d like a nomination form to you, call me at 570-322-4637, ext. 159.

Thompson is the communications and development manager at the YWCA, 815 W. Fourth St. Her column is published on the first Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section.

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