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PHOTO PROVIDED Shown in this photo provided by The Tie Bar is a gingham shirt, paired with a complimentary tie. Gingham is a very popular print this fall.

Headed into fall, there definitely are some things to look forward to — leaves will be changing, pumpkin spice already has been rolled out and before we know it, little Halloween fiends will be knocking on our doors for treats.

Here’s the problem, if you’re anything like me, my wardrobe hits an all-time slump when it comes to fall. Everything I have that is spring/summer colored is too vibrant and it’s too soon to start rocking anything winter themed. So there I sit, thwarted by my own closet. Luckily for us, The Tie Bar has our back … and our fronts when it comes to fall fashion. They’ll help keep your wardrobe from being as bare as a maple tree in November.

“We’ve seen that ginghams in a variety of colors and scale are very popular for a wide range of our guys when it comes to shirt/tie pairings, be it a styling pro or a guy just starting out. They are so versatile, adding them in seasonal colors like burgundy, greens, and two-tone blues felt like the perfect addition to our core styles,” The Tie Bar representative said. “They can easily be mixed and matched with a wide range of solid colors in addition to geo print, stripe, and polka dot patterns. The combinations are endless.”

So gingham is the way to start upping your fall game. Where do we start though?

“We think this shirt is so versatile and perfect for the season. It pairs just as well with a full suit (blue, gray, khaki, navy, etc.) and a classic geo tie as it does with a pair of jeans and a casual knit tie,” The Tie Bar representative said. “This design is truly a staple piece for the season with multiple uses throughout. This shirt is definitely one that you can take straight from the boardroom to an after work happy hour. And at only $55 your wallet will be thanking you too.”

If The Tie Bar’s next shirt were a person it would introduce itself as Mr. Versatility. Not only does hounds tooth add a fall flair to your wardrobe, it also becomes a solid cornerstone for your wardrobe, because it works with practically everything!

“This fall we opted for the pattern in a tight smaller detail to give the illusion of a solid colored shirt while also bringing in some seasonal texture to an otherwise core work weak staple,” The Tie Bar representative said. “A classic blue shirt will go with anything you currently have in your closet and is also a perfect balance for the latest accessory colors of the season.”

Let’s get a little bold, a little daring and a little earthy. Grab yourself The Tie Bar’s green gingham shirt for a chance to add some color and fall flash to that wardrobe.

“Green is huge this fall in addition to other earthy tones such as browns, mustards, burnt oranges, burgundy’s, etc. It has a subtle mix of both green and blue, you can never wrong picking either of those colors to focus on enhancing the coloring via your tie or even mix in some shades that complement the shirt like an orange or a red in a sleek, sophisticated stripe or floral pattern,” The Tie Bar representative said. “When in doubt with matching a tie to gingham we always say to go with either a polka dot or simple geo print. Just make sure that the scale of the tie pattern is either bigger or smaller than the scale of the shirt print.”

So, to recap, keep it to earth tones — rock your green, burnt orange, magentas — who am I kidding? The folks over at The Tie Bar know best. So what are you waiting for? Get on over there! Visit them at

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