Area Bridge Club results reported

Following are the highest-scoring players in the area bridge games reported to the Sun-Gazette:

Williamsport Bridge Club

Sept. 25 — Doris Plotts and David Lovcik, 70; Marge Winder and Judy Stein, 67; Lynn Henry and Fred Gilbert, 59; Dave Winters and Mary Ann Churba, 56.5; Sarabelle Leuthner and Marie Zurinsky, 56; Lois Wentzler and Glenn Frazier, 54.

Sept. 27 — Ann Collins and Marge Winder, 31; Don Dascher and Mary Ann Churba, 29. Vince and Diane Bardsey, 28. Marty Hodrick and Judy Stein, 25. Amy Pitou and Joyce Wilson, 18. Kathy Ebeling and Donna Hickey, 18.

Sept. 28 — Swiss Team — Joy Proctor and Marge Winder, 2 wins; Vince and Diane Bardsley, 2 wins; Sandy Nelson and Mike Deal, 2 wins.

Sept. 29 — Sue Pierce and Marge Winder, 46; Judy Stein and Sally Manning, 39; Mary Capkovic and Ann Day, 38; Don Dascher and Mary Ann Churba, 37; Sarabelle Leuthner and Manie Zurinsky, 37.

Bridge results will be published in the Sunday Lifestyle section. All results must be in writing and received by the Sun-Gazette at least six days in advance of the day of publication. None will be accepted by phone.

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