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Dressing seasonably

We had a lovely September with unseasonably warm weather, but now that it is October — we can expect it to feel more like fall, eventually.

I have a friend who recently shared with me her fall shopping haul and asked me what I thought. One item she bought were a pair of open toe booties. I admit that earlier this year I wasn’t a fan of this trend but it grew on me and now I think they are perfect for spring and fall. My friend mentioned to me that her toes might get cold when she wears them this winter and asked me if I thought she could wear tights with them.

This of course opened up a conversation about what is “seasonably fashionable” and what is not. There are a lot of “fashion rules” and “fashion faux pas” out there and to each their own, I guess. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and sense of style and some avant garde designers/stylists will disagree with my sentiments. However, here are my views on some well debated fashion matters.

Wear open toe shoes seasonably — Yes, there will be some warm days in October and it’s OK to still wear these types of shoes but by November, flip flops and sandals should be put away for the season. Now, what about those open toe booties? I told my friend that wearing tights with them was not stylish. We don’t wear socks with sandals so don’t wear socks or tights with open toe shoes. They are open toe for a reason. However, I think she should wear the booties well into November, as long as she wears them sans socks or tights. Of course if there is snow on the ground, she may want to pick different footwear.

Wearing white after Labor Day — I think this myth has been put to rest years ago, but I think it is still worth mentioning because there is a right and wrong way to wear white (if you want to stay seasonable). It’s OK to wear white if the fabric is suitable for fall temperatures. For instance choose white jeans over white linen pants.

Mixing black and blue or black and brown — Your mother probably told you to never wear black shoes with navy pants or a brown belt with black pants. It’s OK to mix these colors. Black is a neutral and you should be able to pair with any color.

Wearing floral patterns — I’ve often read about not wearing floral prints in the colder months. I think whomever started this rule was the same person who said not to wear white after Labor day. Floral prints are fine if they are a bigger print and in dark or bold colors. Stay away from prints that have pastel colored flowers. Save that for spring.

In the end, it’s really about pairing like fabrics together and wearing what is suitable for the time of year. Of course if you aren’t living in a climate that experiences all four seasons, than I guess all this goes out the window!

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