Recyclable material collection schedule

Curbside recycling is offered in participating municipalities at no cost to the resident. Items collected at the curb are limited to clear glass bottles, brown glass bottles, green glass bottles, steel/tin cans and aluminum cans.

Use any color 5-gallon bucket (no bags) to hold recyclables and use one container for each type of product (i.e. one container for clear glass, one container for steel/tin cans, etc.). Have the materials at the curb for pick up on the day of collection no later than 7:30 a.m.

The collection of recyclable materials in the area for November includes:

Williamsport A — Nov. 6

Williamsport B — Nov. 7.

Williamsport C — Nov. 8.

South Williamsport — Nov. 17.

Loyalsock section No. 1 — Nov. 13.

Loyalsock section No. 2 — Nov. 14.

No residential curbside collection will occur on the following 2016 dates:

Nov. 24 and 25; and Dec. 26.

For boroughs and townships not listed, set up single-stream recycling with your hauler or use the drop off recycling centers. For more information, call the Recycling Hotline at 800-736-7559 or visit