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Cherish every moment

I woke up, saw my mom and went to school like any normal day. I did not see my dad because he was still asleep.

At school, daydreaming and waiting for the classes to be over, the phone rang from the main office getting everyone’s attention. The teacher called my name and said, “Take your bookbag and go to the guidance office.”

When I got to the office, I stood there waiting with my siblings. After what seemed like an eternity, one of the secretaries said, “Your aunt is coming to pick all of you up, so you need get your things to go home.”

Given such slight information, we were all confused, but none of us asked questions. We went our separate ways to get our belongings.

While walking down the hallway, a million thoughts swirled around my head, each worse than the last. I was wondering why my mom or dad were not picking us up and what terrible things could have happened for us to leave school. Too distracted by my mind, I realized we had gotten into my aunt’s car at some point.

Pulling into my driveway our cars were parked in the same places, our house looked quiet and nothing seemed out of place. Walking into my house, I could see my mom sitting in the living room. My dad was nowhere to be seen and she had a sad look her face.

My mom made everyone sit down first and she took a deep breath. She explained how my dad passed away from an unexpected heart attack that morning. In that moment, everything came crashing down. The quietness erupted into screaming from my sister and sounds of feet pounding on the ground as my brother ran away. Everything changed in a blink of an eye and all I could do was stare at the wall in silence, regretting the last day I had with my dad and thinking of ways I could have saved him.

Wildness developed all around me, as I sat there with an expressionless face. At that point, nothing was the same in my life. All the trivial things that I just pushed to the side, were the moments that I missed the most. Just seeing my dad after school, hearing his voice or jokes were simple occurrences that will forever be only memories to me.

He was a man that will never be forgotten because of the impacts he left. He made friends with everyone and always had a smile on his face that he shared with anyone. He was there for me, my siblings and especially my mom. He was and still is my biggest inspiration.

After his passing, my mom kept all of us going. She does the job of two people and stays strong even while she is still hurting. I admire her the most. From this experience, I learned to cherish everything that life gives you, because you never know when it is going to be taken away.

Gregas is a freshman at Mansfield University, studying dietetics and sports nutrition.

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