Miniature Room exhibit to be held at Taber Museum

The focus of the Thomas T. Taber Museum’s holiday exhibit, “Honey I Shrunk the Rooms at the Taber: The Miniature Room Settings of Becky Bird,” is an incredible collection of miniature room settings, approximately ninety in number, created by artisan Becky Bird.

Bird, born and raised in Williamsport, created the miniature rooms over a three and half year period. Bird created these room settings to reflect businesses such as a bakery, taxidermy, gas station, beauty shop, silversmith, hat shop, jewelry store, in addition to rooms from a house, such as a dining room, laundry, bedrooms from different time periods, as well as garden settings and fairy tales.

“The settings are exquisite in detail,” said Gary Parks, executive director of the museum, “down to a cash register filled with cash, knives, forks and spoons on the table, bars of soap, tiny necklaces, etc.”

The miniature room settings were last on display at the Eagles Mere Museum, but recently have been donated to the Taber Museum. The room settings are in a series of cabinets for the exhibit. After the holidays, many of these settings will be dispersed throughout the museum.

The holiday exhibit opened Thursday, Nov. 7 and ends January 20, 2018.