Bridge results

Following are the highest-scoring players in the area bridge games reported to the Sun-Gazette:

Williamsport Bridge Club

Nov. 20 — Gene Waltz and Arlene Andrews, 42; Craig Netzley and Judy Stein, 39; Sarabelle Leuthner and Joyce Wilson, 38; Ann Day and David Winters, 38; Amy Pitou and Sally Manning, 36.

Nov. 22 — Judy Stein, 17; Jackie Fox, 17; Lorraine Lecce, 15; Ann Collins, 15.

Nov. 24 — Don Dascher and Judy Stein, 30; Sarabelle Leuthner and Ann Day, 26; Mary Ann Churba and Ann Collins, 26; Joyce Morgan and David Winters, 25.

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