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I will admit I am a fan of the series “Sex and the City” and like any loyal fan I’ve enjoyed the two movies as well. If you’ve never seen an episode, the premise is much more than what the title implies. It’s about relationships, friendships, fashion and shoes!

Main character Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) is meant to be a fashionista in her own right, although many fans would agree that her fashion choices are quite questionable. Her shoes however, have made fans drool.

The most sought after shoes are the Monolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Pumpsin blue, that were featured in the first “Sex and the City” movie when Carrie is being proposed to by long time beau Mr. Big. She mentions in the film that these pumps, which were embellished with a crystal buckle, cost a fortune. Although a steeper price tag than I would ever pay for a pair of shoes, this made fans who wanted to walk a mile in Bradshaw’s shoes very happy and they literally flew off the shelves. Most buyers bought them for their own weddings and with the vast demand Monolo Blahnik nearly doubled the price.

Not that I would have bought them at the initial price but at its updated price they’ve now become that mystical unicorn that most shoe addicts will never see. However, if you are just dying to spend a small fortune on these shoes, check out Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman, they’re there!

Many have tried to knock off these iconic shoes, including Sarah Jessica Parker herself under her own fashion label SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, but they still hold a hefty price tag.

British retailer Mark & Spencer has made “Sex and the City” fans with more reasonable shoe budgets very happy this season by releasing a pair of satin blue Monolo Blahnik look alikes as part of their latest autumn/winter collection. Just in time for holiday gift giving!

These shoes are the closest I’ve seen to the Monolos shown in the film. They are embedded with Mark & Spencer’s trademark Insolia technology which makes it more comfortable for walking since it shifts your weight and therefore reducing the pressure put on your feet. So I guess now you can have comfort and style. The best part is that these shoes are affordable. That’s right, only a fraction of the price for a little bit of glamour for the “Sex and the City” fan in your life. The only catch is that unless you plan to travel across the pond, you’ll have to order them online.

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