Lycoming County SPCA Beckoning Cat Project to kickoff Working Cat program

The Lycoming County SPCA and Beckoning Cat Project have teamed up to develop the Working Cat Program. The Working Cat Program aims to reduce the cat over-population program in Lycoming County without resorting to euthanasia as many shelters in the area are full to capacity with overflow going into foster homes. These organizations are looking for an alternative environment and an employment opportunity for these special cats, such as the work place.

Cats can monitor for rodents in barns, farms, garages, warehouses, beer distributors, and any other business where vermin may reside. If an employer’s intent is to hire a Working Cat for rodent control, they must understand that cats kill for fun not nourishment, therefore food must be provided.

Businesses interested in this opportunity much have access to shelter appropriate for the weather, food, water and medical care when needed in order to provide proper care.

Some of these hard-to-place felines may be shy, feral, semi-feral, leukemia positive, loners, or even friendly cats. Feral cat that may initially not want to be petted or handled can warm up to their humans who feed them. Shy and semi-feral cats can adjust to an office-like environment and become friendly once they know their employers.

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