Pinterest nail or fail

JULIE STELLFOX/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Shown are a couple items created from wine corks. Pictured, from left, are coasters and a paper towel holder.

For several years, probably as long as I’ve been using Pinterest, I’ve chosen a pin or two to try out for DIY Christmas gifts. Most often they end up being ornaments. I’ve made so many really cute ornaments using Pinterest!

One year I went a little crazy with the wine corks and made ornaments and a bunch of other gifts. If you want to find some corks for crafting, ask your friends, post on Facebook that you’re looking for some, maybe even ask a few local bars or restaurants — or you can buy them at craft stores or online. The ones you buy don’t always have the cool things printed on them, though. I had several friends give me corks, so I didn’t have to buy any.

I knew I wanted to make ornaments, so I searched “wine cork ornaments” on Pinterest, and like always, it gave me a bunch of different ideas. I basically took a few of the pins I saw and combined them into my own version and I really like how they turned out.

Wine cork ornaments

Wine corks

Wire — thin and bendable, but sturdy

Beads of different sizes and colors

First I made a hole through my corks by forcing some wire through the middle of them. This will bend and ruin your wire, so you’ll need a new piece for the actual ornament.

I cut a very long piece of wire and threaded it through the cork. I then put a bead or a few beads through the wire to the top of the cork, then looped the wire down through the bead and twisted it a bit to secure it. You also can put a bead of hot glue at the top to secure it even more. A few of the top loops I covered in beads, too.

I then put a few more beads on the wire at the bottom of the cork and secured it by twisting it in creative ways using pliers. And that’s it! Super easy and fast and they look great! A nail using several pins!

A couple other presents I made using corks were coasters, a trivet and a paper towel holder. The trivet and coasters I made from pins, but the paper towel holder I made myself and made it a pin on my own board. Everything turned out really nicely, but they all took a lot more time than I thought they would because cutting corks is not always an easy task. I don’t have enough space in this column to explain how I made each of these, but check out my nail or fail Pinterest board for pictures or contact me for instructions on how I made them.

One non-cork Christmas present I want to share, are candy sleds. I saw a bunch of pins for these and thought they were so cute … which they are, but it was a little harder than I thought it would be to keep them together.

Candy sleds

Candy canes

Full KitKat bars

Hershey’s mini chocolate bars

Bows and ribbon

Tape or glue

Take two candy canes and tape or glue them to the bottom of the KitKat bar to make the sled bottom. Hot glue is not a good idea for these because it will melt the candy and its wrapper.

Tape or glue four mini chocolate bars on top of the KitKat bar, then three more on top of those, then two more on top of those and then one more at the very top. Tie ribbon around the candy, curl the ends and put a bow on top. A cute and sweet treat for anyone on your list. Another great nail!

Stellfox is a former Sun-Gazette editor who loves to try new crafts, recipes and other ideas out on Pinterest. Her column is published on the second Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. Share your Pinterest nail or fail with Stellfox, or suggest a pin for her to try, by emailing the Lifestyle Department email at or follow her on Pinterest.