The Salvation Army Santa Fund

Dear Santa,

Like so many people and I am sure yourself, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Christmastime is like the best of every holiday wrapped up in one. There are presents, songs, special food, special events for friends and family and even the weather is a little bit different, not autumn but not deep winter either. Like I said, Christmas is the best of holidays and celebrations all wrapped up together.

I have many fond Christmas memories and just like every child in Lycoming County (and beyond), as a boy I could not wait to unwrap that special gift you had placed under the tree. One year I received what would become my favorite toy: Legos! Those legos sparked my imagination as I would build houses, cars, trucks, all kinds of things that little (and not so little) boys imagine.

Legos were not just my favorite toy but each person in the family had their chance with the legos. You see, what I received that Christmas day many years ago was part of a family legacy of sorts. A version of those magical building blocks started in the hands of my sister and have made it all the way to the current youngest generation of the family. Perhaps something you put under the tree this year will be that special toy that sparks imagination and lasts for generations and for many years. Perhaps a youngster will receive that special something that will last and bring happy memories for a lifetime.

We at the Williamsport Salvation Army are pleased to help you make Christmas dreams come true for many families throughout our community. As thousands of toys are sorted and distributed to needy children this year it is our hope and prayer that a boy or girl will see the joy of Christmas. And that Dad and Mom will long remember the sparkle in their young one’s eyes as the wrapping paper is ripped open.

Merry Christmas Santa.


Major Donald Spencer

Williamsport Salvation Army

Please help by giving generously to the Salvation Army and the Sun-Gazette Santa Fund.

You can help make this a brighter holiday season for local families by making a contribution in person to any branch of M&T Bank or by mail to M&T Bank at 405 River Ave.; at the Salvation Army, 457 Market St.; or the Sun-Gazette office, 252 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, PA 17701.

The Santa Fund is a fundraiser organized by the Sun-Gazette and the Salvation Army to help local families in need.