Local man gives back over holiday season

COURTNEY HAYDEN/Sun-Gazette Yancy Cupp, of Cupp’s Vacuum, poses with Santa Claus at Santa’s Workshop, 1101 Washin­gton Blvd. Cupp raised money over the holiday season to donate toys.

During the holiday season we sing Christmas carols, bake cookies for friends and family and give back to our communities by donating a few dollars to an organization, buying toys and clothes for children or even lending a helping hand. Yancy Cupp, owner of Cupp’s Vacuum, 1101 Washington Blvd., embodies the Christmas spirit that we all strive for year-round.

For the past three years, Cupp’s Vacuum has sold Christmas trees and this year Cupp had the idea to turn his storage shed into Santa’s Workshop for kids to have the chance to meet Santa Claus while getting the family was getting their Christmas tree.

Cupp contacted a friend and in two days they had set up a picture perfect workshop. They started the weekend after Thanksgiving and it was open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5-8 p.m. All the proceeds raised were donated to buy toys for a family in need this holiday season to help them have a jolly Christmas.

The first two years that Cupp’s Vacuum started selling Christmas trees they donated trees to 12-15 different families to help those less fortunate. “It was all through Facebook advertising that we would post in there that if you know a family and they have a story, tell them and bring them down” Cupps said. Cupps mentioned that there was “a family that just got an apartment so we gave them a tree that year, and when I showed up to deliver the tree there was no furniture. They had nothing. No beds, no anything. They had clothes in a pile and that is what they slept on, so I ended up reaching out to some friends and we ended up getting them a coffee table, chairs, beds, some furniture and bedding. We furnished their whole house, it started with a tree, then it went to a tree stand and we just kept getting donations.”

A particularly touching moment happened at Santa’s workshop this Christmas season when a young boy came to visit Santa and all he wanted was an eyeglass case for his glasses as he had lost his, according to Cupp’s mother, Dolly Cupp. Dolly said that “Santa went out to his truck and brought him a eyeglass case and gave it to the little boy.” Dolly, mentioned that her son “does a lot all year long, it’s not just Christmas.” There was a family that had their “car break down and its pouring rain and he put up the family in a hotel and got their car towed” with his own money mentioned Dolly. Cupp’s also donates to LAPS (Lycoming Animal Protection Society) and helps out smaller churches so he will “take care of them and fix them up with something, it’s going to be used, but something is better than nothing.”

Cupp’s philosophy when it comes to giving is that “It shouldn’t take a special occasion to want to help someone. If you see somebody in need you should be able to do it out of the kindness of your heart or want to do it to see that they are okay. We are all brothers and sisters. At the end result we might fight, but we have to take care of each other.” With the holiday season winding down soon, keeping this in mind can inspire all of us to stop and help someone in need, whether that be as simple as helping pick up something they dropped or doing whatever you can to help better their lives. At the end of the day actions will always speak louder words and there is always an opportunity to help those around you.