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Making changes in your makeup routine

Last month a friend of mine was telling me that she has been stuck in a beauty rut. She told me that she has been doing the same routine for ages and is ready to make a change.

It’s so easy to use the same products in the same way for years. You get comfortable with the items, they become your friends that you hang out with in the morning before work.

Well I am here to tear those friendships apart.

Making a change can be difficult so do not feel like you have to start fresh. I am encouraging you to mix it up a bit.

An easy change can be trying a different product of something you already use. Try a different mascara from a brand you already like or pick up a lipstick from a brand you don’t normally purchase.

Using a neutral eyeshadow also can be an quick addition to your look. Take a color a little darker than your skin tone, blend it through the crease and onto your lid and you have a simple look.

If you already use eyeshadow, try adding another color to give more definition to the outer crease. Don’t forget to blend!

Switching up your foundation routine can sound terrifying but I swear it won’t be if you have some basic knowledge about what you want from those products.

First figure out what kind of skin you have, that will help you select what you want your foundation to do for you.

For dry skin, look for products that claim to hydrate the skin and have a radiant finish. With oily skin, items saying they will mattify the skin work best to keep excessive oils at bay.

Combination skin can be tricky so be open minded to trying different foundations that can cater to your needs. For sensitive skin look for brands that are dermatologist-tested or more natural such as Physicians Formula, bareMinerals or Burt’s Bees.

Once you have a foundation you are interested in, pick a shade that works for you and give it a go. Many drugstore brands do not have the best range of shades especially for very fair skin tones or anybody who has a tan or deep skin tone. Look at different brands and hopefully you will find something that works for you.

These tips are not life changing but I hope they encourage you to take at least one step outside of your comfort zone. Remember it is just makeup and it will wash off. One bad makeup day is not the end of the world, trust me.

My lovely readers, I am sad to say this will be my last column. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that has come with creating it especially the support from all of you.

Thank you to everyone who has been following this since 2016! Thank you for reading and for chatting with me in real life, it has been a pleasure.

Stay beautiful, my readers.

Bloom has a passion for makeup and making people feel beautiful. Megan Does Makeup is about tips for applying products, if a product is worth the money and inspiration for makeup looks.

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