Pinterest nail or fail

No sew braided edge blanket

JULIE STELLFOX/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Shown at top is the finished no sew braided edge blanket.

In last month’s column, I covered making crib rail covers from fleece material. This month’s column is sort of a part two to that. I had so much fleece left over from making the crib rail covers, that I decided to make a small blanket out of it.

I originally thought of sewing a silky material along the edges, like some of the blankets I already have, but I don’t have a sewing machine … yet. So, I hopped on Pinterest to help me find a no-sew option.

When doing my Pinterest search, one of the first pins I found ended up being the one I used. It explained how to make what looked like a braided edge all around the blanket.

First, figure out the size of the blanket that you want, then add 2 inches around the entire blanket. Cut two pieces of fleece to the size you want and lay them on a flat surface.

If your fleece has a certain side you like best, put the pieces down with the “bad” sides facing each other so you only see the “good” sides. Make sure you do this before you start cutting, unlike me. I was cutting just by “eyeballing” it and didn’t measure anything out, which made my cuts far from perfectly straight.

Your blanket pieces can be the same print or you can choose a different print or matching solid color. Whatever you like.

Cut a 4-inch square out of all four corners of the blanket, keeping both pieces together. Then, cut 2-inch long slits 1 inch apart along all four sides of your blanket. I used a tape measure and marked off 2 inches with masking tape. Don’t use a pen or marker, because that will show on your blanket.

I then placed the tape measure above the masking tape and used it as a guide to cut 1-inch slits along all four edges of the blanket. Then, I folded each fringe up and cut a tiny slit in the middle of each one. My scissors weren’t very sharp, so I had to use the back part of them to make the cuts, which was hard because I could have cut all the way through the fringe instead of just making a slit in it.

After all the slits are made, you braid. You take the fringe to the left and put it through the slit of the fringe to the right and keep going. Even around the corners. You can use a large crochet hook for this part if you’re having trouble threading the pieces through the tiny holes. I was able to do it without one.

When you get to the end, separate the two layers of the last piece of fringe. Put one of the layers through the starting hole. Tie the pieces together into a tight knot, or two, and tuck the pieces up into the blanket.

I’d say this pin was a nail, but it took way longer than I expected it to take and my hand got bruised from the way I was using the scissors. It was super easy and turned out pretty cute. Not exactly how I pictured it, but my daughter approves and likes to play with the blanket now.

Stellfox is a former Sun-Gazette editor who loves to try new crafts, recipes and other ideas out on Pinterest. Her column is published on the second Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. Share your Pinterest nail or fail with Stellfox, or suggest a pin for her to try, by emailing the Lifestyle Department email at or follow her on Pinterest.