Mildred McFadden celebrates 100 years

Mildred McFadden, known to everyone as “Millie,” will celebrate 100 years on Monday. Millie lives at home in Newberry Estates with her daughter Jeannine, as she has for the last 45 years. She is the mother of eight children, ages 58-71; 10 grandchildren, ages 31-46; and 16 great-grandchildren, ages 1-20.

Millie graduated from Williamsport High School and immediately started her “first” 10 year career working for an insurance agent in the downtown district of Williamsport. She then married and started a very big happy family. It was a happy family because of the way she raised her eight children including encouraging them to participate in sports and scouts, attending Catholic schools and churches and everyone was to do hard work doing chores around the crowded four bedroom home in Newberry on Dove St.

After the kids were all grown up and at age 55, she began her “second” 10 year career, in the dietary department at the Williamsport Hospital. But Millie was not done working yet. After retiring and at age 65, Millie started her “third” 10-year career with a babysitting service travelling to your home.

Millie now enjoys a nice retirement, which includes reading the Sun Gazette thoroughly front to back and a game of Scrabble (or two) nearly every day.

Her family surprised her with a celebration on Saturday, which included a two hour open house of family, friends and neighbors followed by a sit down dinner held at the Grampian Hills Community Room.