Packwood House Museum announces children’s summer program

LEWISBURG — Packwood House Museum recently announced its 2018 Summer Programs for Kids. Each session will be held from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Tuesday mornings, starting Tuesday to Aug. 14 at the museum’s Tour Center, 15 N. Water St. All programs are free, but space is limited so registration is required. If your plans change and you cannot attend a workshop you signed up for, please have the courtesy to call so another child can fill the vacancy in these popular programs. Funding for the programs has been provided for by a grant from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.

• The Great Renaldo — Tuesday. Come one, come all! Step right up and see the show! The Great Renaldo will wow you with his 1950s-style magic show. Open to all ages, with some audience participation.

• Folktales, with Fiona Powell — June 26. Welsh-born Fiona Powell, dressed as a weaver, will delight kids of all ages with folk tales from around the world as she spins at her wheel. Open to all ages.

• Art Sketching on CDs, with Susan Colon — July 10. Students will learn how to take a blast from the past — a compact disc — and turn it into a work of art by just learning some simple techniques and using lots of creativity. Ages 5 and up. Limited seating.

• Paint Dunking, with Susan Colon — July 17. The class will learn a really cool new method, that has some science to it, in which they will get paint to float and then ‘dip’ cups and other glass items into it to create one of a kind, really cool crafts. Ages 5 and up. Limited seating.

• Explore Drawing, with Barbara Baker — July 24. Students will explore ways to draw through the use of three different mediums: graphite pencils, oil pastels and colored pencils. Open to kids ages 5 through 12 and all skill levels. Limited seating.

• Mason Jar Lid Sun Catchers, with Susan Colon — July 31. The class will be making beautiful light catchers using different techniques and artistry, and it will all begin with a mason jar lid! Ages 5 and up. Limited seating.

• Fun with Leather, with Susan Colon — Aug. 7. Students will be using their creative smarts to make leather earrings, retro bracelets and other charming crafts with leather and leather-like products. Ages 5 and up. Limited seating.

• Songs and Stories About Bugs, with Matthew Dodd — Aug. 14. Dressed in costume and using props and backdrops, Mr. Dodd will entertain listeners with songs and stories about all of the creepy-crawlies that nature provides us. Open to all ages.

Packwood House Museum is located at 15 N. Water St. in Lewisburg.

To register your child for a program, call 570-524-0323. For more information about the museum, visit