Tarot, Reiki and Runes

In Hollywood, psychics are often portrayed staring into a crystal ball, reading your future. This imagery is not always true for those tapping into their intuition and higher energies through tarot, Reiki and rune casting.

Tarot Reading

12 years ago, Eileen Dgien, of Celestial Winds Healing Studio, began practicing tarot. Dgien’s student, Olivia Lechniak, of Widow’s Walk, has practiced tarot for nine years and her business began when she started trusting her intuition and was confident in her abilities.

Tarot decks have 78 cards, with 22 major arcana cards showing one’s journey through life, people met and behaviors, Dgien said.

Major arcana cards show major life changes, “knights are rescuers, there’s always action with a knight,” queens and kings are wise, Dgien said. Minor cards can have coins or pentacles to show “abundance, your job, how you survive; cups are about your emotions;” swords show the connection between your intellect and emotions and wands show your life path.

“For me, I tap into the universe, so however you want to define God, or your ancestors or your spirit guides, whatever that is to you, I tap into that and … I use the cards as a guide and sometimes my intuition will override a card,” Lechniak said. “Someone called me frighteningly accurate.”

“Tarot is more about empowering my clients than it is like reading the future or telling my clients what to do, it just gives them a different perspective,” Dgien said.


“Our bodies are really made up of energy and, through our life choices, sometimes that energy gets stuck and we can feel it as a pain would. Reiki can help move that energy through the body and help a person,” Dgien said. “I embrace it as not only a healing sense but a spirituality where I’m connected to a higher power that helps me to heal and to be healed and I don’t believe I do the healing, I believe the healing flows through me.”

Dgien, also a Reiki Master, taking her first class in ’98, was attuned to a master teacher in 2002, she said. This “Japanese healing modality” helps with stress relief, modern medicine and creates a holistic body, mind and spirit, whereas tarot empowers people.

“When you’re attuned to Reiki, there’s guides and they are like spirits or angels that come in, to help me walk a path that’s more conducive to Reiki.”

Reiki opens your hands to let the energy flow, to take care of yourself, Dgien said. Reiki is fluid and can empower emotional and mental issues and can be sent through “time and space.”

“It’s really a lifestyle choice for me now. I bring Reiki first thing into my life, first thing in the morning, and I do my best to use it throughout the day,” Dgien said. “What I do in the morning when I wake up is I open up the Reiki in my hands; I do a meditation.”

Reiki is connected to the seven chakras in one’s body — the root, for survival; the stomach, for relationships, love and self esteem; the solar plexus, the power center; heart; throat; third eye, for intuition; and the spiritual chakra, to connect, Dgien said. These chakras should spin clockwise and be open like a flower.

If you’re having a hard time saying something, your throat chakra is closed and would feel cold or closed. If you’re talking about stuff you shouldn’t be, your throat chakra may be too open, Dgien said.

Rune Casting

Rune casting is based on a Nordic alphabet, having 24 letters, used by Vikings, to create documents and corresponds to today’s alphabet, the symbols each having a meaning when casted, said Chris Hayward, of Divine Qi. Runes are traditionally made of wood. Hayward’s are made of lapis.

“You reach into the bag and depending on how they fall, whether they are facing up, facing down, facing you, facing me and where they lay on the cloth, the narrative comes out so they all work together and integrate together to be a story that needs to be told based on whatever you were thinking when you pull them out,” Hayward said.

With rune casting, a lot of information is gathered from how the stones fall and each stone has meaning, like tarot cards, although there’s more intuition involved than tarot, but tarot is more detailed, Hayward said. Sometimes Hayward uses both tarot and a runes together to give more clarity.

Hayward has read tarot for 40 years, she said. Hayward practiced in college for fun, had a negative experience with low-level energies and quit reading for 15 to 20 years. Hayward also is a Reiki

Master. Hayward uses Reiki to create a safe space for tarot readings and rune castings and taps into God and angel energy, she said.


After a reading, tarot readers and rune casters don’t remember the session because the information is not theirs, Hayward said. They may remember parts of it or someone’s reactions, Dgien said.

“I’m … a conduit for my higher self to talk to your higher self and bring the energy through for you,” Hayward said. “If I do remember it, it means that my logical mind got in the way, it means that I’m trying to figure it out as a human being and not allowing my higher self to the send the message that is required.”

At Divine Qi, Hayward keeps an “ego keeper,” created by Dgien, by her side during readings, she said. The ego keeper has crystals in it, depending on how they feel that day, to set aside their ego safely. It helps intuition flow.

The Community

In the community, people are beginning to look at Reiki and tarot in more of a holistic sense, to see what is available and how people can be healed, Dgien said.

In the past, Dgien has had a psychic fair she opened to the community to let them know this is positive and to help empower her students. She plans on having a psychic/holistic fair in May 2019.

Hayward read at the fair for six hours, to 25 people, after not reading for 20 years, came out feeling more energized than when she went in and, the day after, it became a business for her, she said.

“We are not the Devil’s work,” Hayward said. “Ultimately, we are all trying to heal each other and that’s so important to be open-minded,” Hayward said.

“If your curious, pursue it because there is a reason it is calling you, it’s not for everybody but if it’s been piquing your interest for a while, look into it,” Lechniak said.