Montoursville Garden Club holds ‘Celebrating 90 Years of Flowers’ flower show

Judy DeGregorio wins the “sweepstakes,"

The Montoursville Garden Club recently held its annual flower show. The theme was “Celebrating 90 Years of Flowers” because the garden club is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Geri Mertes won “Best of Show” and Judy DeGregorio won the “Sweepstakes”. The categories corresponded to traditional anniversary gifts. Winners of the categories are:

• 90th Pottery: Arrangement in Pottery

First place, Georgie Kershner; second, Nancy Machinski; third, Jean Beard

• 75th Diamond: Arrangement with Bling

First place, Nancy Machinski; second, Judy DeGregorio; third, Kay Myers; and Lisa Lettiere, honorable mention

• 55th Emerald: Foliage Plants

First place, Lois Gross; second Becky Hedgecock; third, Kay Collins; and Jean Beard, honorable mention

• 50th Gold: Design with Emphasis on Gold

First place, Lisa Lettiere; second, Becky Hedgecock; third, Kay Collins; and Geri Mertes, honorable mention

• 45th Sapphire: Design Showing Water with Fresh Material

First place, Judy Degregorio; second, Mary Jane Kaiserl and third Judy Eck.

• 40th Ruby: Arrangement in Variations of Red Hues

First place, Kay Collins; second, Judy DeGregorio; third, Betty Lou Wheeland; and Becky Hedgecock, honorable mention

• 35th Coral: Design with Sea Treasures

First place, Barbara Gallagher; second, Becky Hedgecock; third, Judy Degregorio; and Alechia Hause, honorable mention

• 30th Pearl: Arrangement Featuring Pearls

First place, Louise Courtney; second, Joann Wagner; third, Becky Hedgecock; and Lisa Lettiere, honorable mention

• 25th Silver: Arrangement which includes Silver

First place, Rosemary Holmes; second, Linda Bowersox; third, Judy Degregorio; and Kay Myers, honorable mention

• 20th China: Arrangement in Tea Cup

Second place, Linda Bowersox; third, Mary Jane Kaiser; and Rosalie Miller, honorable mention

• 15th Crystal: Specimens, Multiple ribbon winners, 10th Tin: Design in Tin

First place, Judy DeGregorio; second, Judy Eck; third, Becky Hedgecock; and Nancy Machinski, honorable mention

• 5th Wood: Design with Fruits or Vegetables in or on a Wooden Base

First place, Geri Mertes; second, Rosemary Holmes; and third Judy Eck

The flower show committee was comprised of Rosemary Holmes, Lisa Lettiere and her daughter Meggie; Barbara Gallagher; Judy Eck; Linda Holland; Bonnie Selzer; and Doris Morley.