ManorCare offers free brochure

The experts at ManorCare Jersey Shore and Williamsport have updated their easy-to-read brochure, “Capture Your Benefits From Medicare-2013,” that takes the guess work out of what is, and what is not, covered by Medicare Part A and B.

“Many people are familiar with the terms Medicare Part A and B, but very few people understand what these terms really mean,” said Amy Moran, admissions director at Williamsport Campus. “Together with our parent company, HCR ManorCare, we have developed this brochure in an understandable format to educate everyone about the coverage available.”

Much of the confusion of Medicare benefits comes from the difference between Parts A and B. Medicare Part A, or hospital insurance, covers some of the in-patient costs incurred at the hospital, including nursing care, meals, drugs and ordinarily furnished lab and X-ray services.

Medicare Part B, or medical insurance, covers services from outside providers, such as physicians and surgeons. Patients are eligible for Medicare if they are 65 and over, are eligible for Social Security, or if under 65, have a valid HIC number.

According to Moran, patients can recover in skilled Medicare certified facilities as long as they have fulfilled Medicare requirements such as a minimum three-day stay in the hospital (not including day of discharge).

“If the person has been in the hospital for three consecutive days, and they are transferred to a nursing center for further care of the same condition, their stay will likely be covered by Medicare,” Moran said. “At ManorCare, many of our patients are eligible for Medicare funding, so we are always keeping up-to-date on changes. ‘The Capture Your Benefits from Medicare’ brochure is just one way that we can help provide specifics about Medicare services covered, and not covered by Medicare.”

For a copy of the brochure or more information about ManorCare facilities, call 398-4747 for Jersey Shore or 323-3758 for Williamsport.