Albright LIFE holds fencing demonstration

Participants at Albright LIFE (Living Independently For Elders), the area’s only recreation and health center for seniors, recently enjoyed a fencing demonstration by Albright LIFE medical director Dr. William Keenan, and his son Jude.

Dr. Keenan also is a faculty member at the family medicine residency program at Susquehanna Health System.

The modern day sport of fencing is rooted in ancient battle skills, and requires a combination of strength, agility, quick wits and strategy.

Today’s swords are electronic, thereby allowing for quick and accurate computerized scoring.

Dr. Keenan first learned fencing as a student at Harvard University. His son, Jude, is a recent graduate of Penn State University and was a member of the school’s fencing team.

With most of their interactions with Dr. Keenan being clinical, participants really enjoyed seeing a more personal side of his life.

They seemed especially enthused when Jude outscored his father.

Located at 901 Memorial Avenue, Albright LIFE is Pennsylvania’s version of the nationally recognized PACE program (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

LIFE’s comprehensive array of services meet the social, medical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs of individuals 55 and older.

This mix of services allows participants to remain healthy and active in the place they call home for as long as possible.

In addition, LIFE services are a blessing for both participants and their families and caregivers, who appreciate the support and benefits the program provides.

To learn more about Albright LIFE, call 322-5433 or visit Al