SUN Home Hospice seeks volunteers

SUN Home Hospice is seeking volunteers in Lycoming, Northumberland and Clinton counties.

Free training will be provided.

Volunteers are needed from all walks of life and those who commit to hospice volunteering find it extremely rewarding.

They help to add quality to patients’ and their families’ lives.

Those willing to share their talent(s), such as music, writing, craftiness or simply conversation, are especially needed.

Volunteers are not asked to provide medical care.

The hospice concept is to provide care and dignity to those individuals with a life-limiting illness and to assist their families during and after this time.

Hospice care is a loving way of keeping families together; it affirms life, emphasizing quality, not length.

Hospice empowers patients to live fully, while including families and loved ones in giving care.

Volunteers play a large part in making this happen.

SUN Home Hospice invites community members to consider joining our team as a hospice volunteer.

Hospice volunteers are committed and compassionate people who are valuable members of the hospice team.

If interested in volunteering or would like additional information, contact Carrie Stine at clstine@sunho or 800-634-5232, ext. 1450.